Tasting and Theory Excellence for Diploma and MW Candidates

Jim Gore's Global Wine Academy offers small-group, highly focused tasting and theory education for motivated Diploma and MW candidates. Jim is delighted to be collaborating with two other outstanding wine educators, Erica Dent of Enjoy Discovering Wine and Christine Marsiglio MW to deliver highly successful in-person and online classes.


Three/four session courses of online Masterclass sessions and self-study

  • Perfect your examination technique for the Diploma D3/D4/D5 tasting examinations.

  • Calibrate your palate to the required standard using specifically chosen wines.

  • NEW for 2022 is an additional FREE three wine self-marked mock exam on top of the core wines used for the course.

  • Teach you how to formulate distinction-level conclusions for quality, ageability, variety, country, and region.

  • D3 is four sessions long using twelve wines, D4/5 are three sessions and use nine wines

  • Delivery of wine for UK only, non-UK 'self-source' price available



In collaboration with Erica Dent

  • Understand what the examiners are looking for

  • Perfect your exam technique

  • Improve your fact collection to give the best answers you possibly can 

  • Put your knowledge into clear context and build your confidence

Limited availability! 

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In collaboration with Christine Marsiglio MW

  • Improve your exam technique to build stronger arguments, and better answers

  • Learn techniques to help them complete the MW Practical Exam in fewer years

  • Connect with other MW students in an intensive learning environment

  • Be exposed to a comprehensive set of wines in an analytical setting



Spring 2022

I have selected 24 x 100ml samples that will be sent to you in secure packaging and preserved with argon gas. These will be blind samples so that you can test your tasting and analysis as you watch videos of my tastings and discussions of them with a student. 

The samples I have chosen navigate the main varieties and important regions and also focus on wines that are often confused with each other. 

The videos will be available from early April  and the quality of the samples is guaranteed until mid-May, so you can take your time exploring them with me. But we have a limited number of packs available.