The WSET Diploma Unit D3 tasting examination is split into two tasting papers (Paper 1 and Paper 2) with each paper having two blind wine flights of three wines.

My Wines of the World Part I and Part II Masterclasses (each a full day) give you the opportunity to sit a three blind wine examination which I will mark and then provide you with feedback.

In my Wines of the World Part I Masterclass you will try 12 wines and we will focus on the skills you need for Paper 1.

Paper 1

Question 1 - The examination wines will be three wines from the same or predominantly the same grape variety.

Question 2 - Three wines from the same country 

Wines of the World Part II is the same format as above but will focus on Paper 2.

Paper 2

Question 3 - Three wines from the same region but have different quality levels.

Question 4 -  Three ‘mixed bag’ wines which means that the wines in the final part of the examination are unrelated. You would typically be asked to identify the grape variety(ies) for each same and /or the origin.

I recommend that you join Masterclasses for both Part I and Part II so we can work on the skills you need for the whole exam rather than just a section. 

Because some students want to take part in multiple masterclasses, I have created two versions of each of Part I and Part II.  These are called versions A and B and there is no overlap in wines used in A and B. So if you would like to attend more than one Masterclass for Part I or Part II, make sure to choose the versions that will avoid overlapping wines. 


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