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Calibrate your palate

Tasting notes and mock exam question and answers to get you ready 

The tasting notes and mock exam questions set out below are useful for anyone who wants to calibrate or improve their tasting skills. I will add more over the course of the year. 

The wines are all readily available in the UK and we indicate who the supplier is in each case. 


Case No 1
August 2019

A case of wines with tasting notes and mock exam questions and answers for Diploma students

I've put together a case of twelve wines (all available from the Wine Society) that you can use in one of two ways: 

  1. To calibrate your palate to the WSET Diploma standard, checking your own tasting notes against my model notes.

  2. As a mock tasting exam, using the four questions in the Diploma format.

Either way, you will get the most out of the exercise if you get a friend to order some or all of the wines and set up the tasting for you so you can taste the wines blind.

Why not join with fellow students to share the cost of the case?  Tasting together will also mean you get more out of the wines and help your analysis and calibration. 

The following links give you and your helper everything you need.

  1. Instructions for helper (includes details of wines, so do not open this link if you want to taste the wines blind yourself)

  2. Exam questions (no spoilers in here!)

  3. Calibration tasting notes and quality statements for each wine along with mock exam answers for each trio of wines:

I hope you will enjoy tasting these wines and that the tasting notes and mock exam will help you prepare for your Diploma exams. 

This is a taste of what you can expect at one of my tasting masterclasses.