The Paddock, Shiraz, South Eastern Australia, 2016

March 30, 2019





The Paddock, Shiraz, South Eastern Australia, 2016 - £7.99


Tasting date - 20/03/2019



Appearance - Medium ruby


Nose intensity - Medium


Primary aroma - Raspberry, blueberry, strawberry, fruity, jammy


Secondary aroma - None


Tertiary aroma - None



Sweetness - Dry


Acidity - Medium plus 


Tannin and nature - Medium plus tannin, ripe and soft 


Alcohol - Medium plus (perception) 14% on the label 


Body - Medium plus body



Intensity - Medium


Primary flavours - Raspberry, blueberry, strawberry, fruity, jammy


Secondary flavours - None


Tertiary flavours - None



Finish - Medium


Quality - Good



Tasting Logic


A fairly simple and straightforward wine with some decent balance between flavour intensity and the structural elements ( tannin, acidity and alcohol) and so the wine presents itself as relatively soft and easy-drinking. The wine does note have sufficient intensity, length, complexity ( or ability to gain it  for a higher quality assessment. 


This wine is arguably more important to taste compared to the others in the case as the quality is just 'Good', it is the sort of wine that most students think is easy to understand and so do not put the time or effort in to tasting frequently. A quick trick for quality here is to always focus on the finish, when ripeness is confused with intensity and complexity is difficult to ascertain; length is always a constant for quality. 


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