Pewsey Vale, Eden Valley, Riesling 2017

March 30, 2019



Pewsey Vale, Eden Valley, Riesling 2017 - £15.99


Tasting date - 22/03/2019



Appearance - Pale lemon


Nose intensity - Medium plus


Primary aroma - Lemon, lime, green apple skin, green pear, hints of quince, honeysuckle, flinty


Secondary aroma - None


Tertiary aroma - None



Sweetness - Dry


Acidity - High


Tannin and nature -None


Alcohol - Medium


Body - Medium



Intensity - Medium plus


Primary flavours - Lemon, lime, grapefruit, green apple skin, sour necatrine, honeysuckle, flinty


Secondary flavours - None


Tertiary flavours - None



Finish - Long


Quality - Very Good



Tasting Logic


High acid, unoaked and a mixture of lemon, lime and stone fruit could put you in Riesling. Unfortunately this vintage for some reason does not show the smoke, toast, honey, petrol (TDN) note associated with Eden or Clare Valley Riesling and would therefore be a little tricky to place if it was alone in a flight - if it was in an Australian flight then logic should take you here. The alcohol is higher than hunter Semillon and the lack of oak would probably steer you away from Chardonnay. The fruit isn't as well defined as it could be and so it is just Very Good quality. 


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