Koyle Cerro Basalto Cuartel G2 Carmenere 2016

March 16, 2019



 Koyle Cerro Basalto Cuartel G2 Carmenere 2016 CE9931



The Wine Society - £16.00


Tasting date - 15/03/2019



Appearance - Deep purple


Nose intensity - Pronounced


Primary aroma - Cassis, black cherry, blackberry, eucalyptus, licquorice


Secondary aroma - Coffee, chocolate, clove


Tertiary aroma - None



Sweetness - Dry


Acidity - High acid 


Tannin and nature - Medium plus, ripe and slightly firm  


Alcohol - High 


Body - Full



Intensity - Pronounced


Primary flavours - Cassis, black cherry, blackberry, eucalyptus, green pepper, licquorice


Secondary flavours - Coffee, chocolate, clove


Tertiary flavours - None



Finish - Long and concentrated ( lacks complexity)


Quality - Outstanding



Tasting Logic



An incredibly concentrated wine that is at the start of its development journey, using BLIC by itself would not easily get you to 'outstanding' and you need to look at the future/potential complexity, the precision and purity of the black fruit notes and aromas would also help with an 'outstanding' quality assessment. This wine will easily mature successfully for over ten years and so you need to think about it at its peak, an outstanding quality note there would be easier to understand.


The structure of the wine should take you to any of the Bordeaux varieties, you should be firmly in the new world with the purity and clarity of fresh black fruit. The eucalyptus note and green pepper note could come quite easily from Cabernet Sauvignon but the slightly lower level of tannin could potentially push you towards Carmenere. In truth it is more of a guess and instinct that would tell you it was Carmenere or that the other two wines in a trio would help with the country assessment. You may be likely to see this type of wine on Paper 2 - flight 2.  

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