Domaine Gonon, Mâcon La Roche Vineuse 2017

March 12, 2019


Domaine Gonon, Mâcon La Roche Vineuse 2017 BU69291



The Wine Society - £9.95


Tasting date - 12/03/2019



Appearance - Pale lemon


Nose intensity - Medium


Primary aroma - Pear, apple, hint of apricot, peach and honeysuckle 


Secondary aroma - Creamy and buttery


Tertiary aroma - None



Sweetness - Dry


Acidity - Medium acidity


Tannin and nature -  None


Alcohol - Medium


Body - Medium



Intensity - Medium


Primary flavours - Pear, apple, hint of apricot, peach and honeysuckle 


Secondary flavours - Creamy and buttery


Tertiary flavours - None



Finish - Medium


Quality - Good



Tasting Logic



This is a benchmark wine that you should have as a constant companion in your fridge. It is structurally 'Medium'  which is incredibly useful for calibration, even using it when tasting sparkling and fortified wines is useful. There is distinct 'unoaked Chardonnay' character throughout the wine although this does display on the slightly riper side. Evidence of MLF/C  on the palate, medium acidity and a lack or floral aromatics could steer you away from some other varieties like Albarino or Sauvignon Blanc. I would suspect that this would be in a trio with a couple of other Chardonnay's or wines from Burgundy, on its own it does not deliver as many blind tasting 'markers' as other wines so is actually a lot more tricky than you may imagine.


The wine needs a longer, more complex finish with certainly an ability to gain complexity with age in order to be a better quality wine but has enough intensity and varietal character to be called good.  







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