Cavallotto Langhe Nebbiolo, 2015

February 19, 2019



Cavalloto Nebbiolo, Langhe, 2015


The Wine Society - £23.00 IT24641


Tasting date - 18/12/2019



Appearance - Pale garnet


Nose intensity - Medium plus


Primary aroma - Red cherry, raspberry, red plum and a hint of violet


Secondary aroma - Smoke, toast and a hint of clove ( sweet spice)


Tertiary aroma - Meaty, leather, game



Sweetness - Dry


Acidity - High


Tannin and nature - High and firm


Alcohol - High alcohol


Body - Medium plus



Intensity - Pronounced


Primary flavours -  Red cherry, raspberry, red plum


Secondary flavours - Smoke, toast and a hint of clove ( sweet spice)


Tertiary flavours - Meaty, leather, game


Finish - Medium plus


Quality - Very Good



Tasting Logic



The pale colour would take most students straight to Pinot Noir, Grenache, Sangiovese or Nebbiolo and the fresh red fruit on the nose and restrained use of oak would also point you in this direction.


At this point try to not make many judgements, take a quick taste and really focus on the tannins, not only are the tannins high but there is a firmness or grip to them which would be highly unusual for Pinot Noir. The high alcohol and contrasting lean quality are also characterisitc of Nebbiolo. 


A Barolo or Barbaresco DOCG would be a little denser on the palate and the fruit would often not be as pronounced with a more savoury character, more new oak aromas may also be present if a modern example is shown.


The quality is quite straight forward with just a slight lack of finish putting it down to very good.


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