Louis Roederer NV, Champagne, France

February 9, 2019






Louis Roederer NV, Champagne, France



Widely available - £35-45


Tasting date - 12/01/2019


Appearance - Pale lemon


Nose intensity - Medium plus


Primary aroma - Lemon, green apple, pear


Secondary aroma - Toast, brioche, yeast, brown bread


Tertiary aroma - None



Sweetness - Dry (off-dry - see below)


Acidity - High


Tannin and nature -  None


Alcohol - Medium


Body - Medium



Intensity - Medium plus


Primary flavours -  Lemon, green apple, pear


Secondary flavours - Toast, brioche, yeast, brown bread


Tertiary flavours - None



Finish - Long Length


Quality - Very good



Tasting Logic



When blind tasting sparkling it is important to link the aromas and flavours to a production technique, luckily this wine has distinct autolytic aromas. Going beyond this you should attempt to link the acidity level and primary notes to either a climate or a grape variety/varieties, this is difficult however as many traditional method sparkling wines are made in cool climates with Champagne varieties.


You can use complexity and overall quality to push you towards Champagne however it is only a supporting argument, outstanding sparklings can be made in many places around the world.


In order to push beyond very good the wine would need to have a little bit more intensity on the palate but it is almost there.


NB A student raised a good point, the  official R/S is in the official 'off-dry' category. As a general rule due to the balance of the acidity and the wide range withing the 'brut' category both 'dry' and 'off-dry' should be acceptable. Many thanks Simon for the comment. 


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