Campbell’s Rutherglen Muscat, Australia

February 9, 2019



Campbell’s Rutherglen Muscat, Australia



Waitrose - £12.99 ( ½ bottle)


Tasting date - 28/12/2018



Appearance -Deep amber


Nose intensity - Pronounced


Primary aroma - Perfumed, grape, blossom


Secondary aroma - Raisin, prune, caramel, burnt toffee, vanilla, clove, cinnamon


Tertiary aroma - No bottle evolution



Sweetness - Luscious


Acidity - Medium plus


Tannin and nature -  None


Alcohol - Fortified to a medium level


Body - Full



Intensity - Pronounced


Primary flavours -  Perfumed, grape, blossom


Secondary flavours - Raisin, prune, caramel, burnt toffee, vanilla, clove, cinnamon


Tertiary flavours - No bottle evolution



Finish - Long Length


Quality - Outstanding



Tasting Logic



There are only a couple of luscious fortified wines and you need to be able to tell the difference between a PX Sherry and a Rutherglen Muscat, I would suggest getting both and taking advance of their long lifespan, keep them in the fridge and try them over a period of a few weeks.


The big difference other is that the appearance of the PX should be a much deeper brown, the Muscat should smell more floral and have a distinct burnt caramel and toffee note that would be more intense than the PX. A PX should remind you more of treacle or molasses.

Be aware of the acidity, it will be deceptively high but feel less due to the amount of sugar.


You need to link the production techniques to the style in the glass, think about both heat and oxidation creating the raisin and caramel notes. 


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