Campo Viejo, Rioja, Tempranillo, 2016

February 3, 2019


Campo Viejo, Rioja, Tempranillo, 2017


Widely available - £8.99


Tasting date - 12/01/2019



Appearance - Medium ruby


Nose intensity - Medium plus  


Primary aroma - Fresh red cherry, strawberry, raspberry, redcurrant, hint of bubblegum, simple


Secondary aroma - None


Tertiary aroma - None



Sweetness - Dry


Acidity - Medium plus


Tannin and nature -  Medium minus, soft and smooth


Alcohol - Medium


Body - Medium minus



Intensity - Medium


Primary flavours -  Fresh red cherry, strawberry, raspberry, redcurrant, hint of bubblegum, simple


Secondary flavours - None


Tertiary flavours -  None



Finish - Medium


Quality - Good



Blind Tasting Logic


This wine is simple, soft and incredibly fruity, it should be easy for you to work out the style of the wine and the market at which it is aimed.


The difficulty is to work out the variety or origin based simply on the SAT. The strong red fruit notes and the relative pale colour should point you towards Grenache, Pinot Noir, Tempranillo, Beaujolais or a Valpolicella. Simple versions of all these wines would be unoaked and the slight bubblegum fruity nature of the wine could come from thermovinification or some carbonic maceration, common in all of the wines mentioned.


The medium plus acidity level is probably too low for Pinot Noir, Beaujolais and Valpolicella and too high for Grenache. The acidity argument is not the easiest one to use; the use of acidification or less-ripe and more acidic fruit in combination with thermovinification and carbonic maceration can play with perceived ripeness and acidity levels. The level of tannin would agree with all of the wines.


The simplest way is to identify this wine as a Rioja or a Tempranillo by looking at the other wines in the flight and using stronger identification markers in those wines to let this wine ‘agree to fit’ e.g. strong oak influence or tertiary notes of a Gran Reserva Rioja. By itself it could simply be a number of good quality simple unoaked red wines.  


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