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Are you struggling to achieve top marks in the WSET Diploma but don’t know why? We can show you exactly how you can achieve your full potential.

Erica Dent (WSET Approved Programme Provider, Enjoy Discovering Wine) and I have developed an online course that runs over six weeks. Study and online classroom sessions will be led by us—two top WSET Diploma educators—and you will also collaborate with other highly motivated students in workshop sessions.

A total of 24 places are available over two separate courses that will be run before the October 2020 examination and can be done all from home. 

What are you going to get out of this course?

Our WSET Diploma Theory Preparation Course gives you the tools and facts to score high grades in the theory examinations. Through six weeks of online classroom sessions, self-study and online workshops, you will:

  • Understand clearly what the WSET examiners are looking for;

  • Improve your fact collection skills;

  • Combining your factual knowledge and examination technique to pass the examination;

  • Perfect your examination technique;

  • Build your confidence.

We won’t just show you how to do it; through a set of five mock examination questions, you will prove to yourself that you can!

What format does the course follow?

Erica and I have created an online study group environment. Students work in teams of two or three to workshop how to answer D3 questions most effectively. This provides the opportunity to engage in intensive discussion on particular subjects within the syllabus.

Each week Erica and Jim will check that the learning is taking place constructively, by:

  • Giving a combination of individual and group feedback;

  • Marking mock examination papers and issuing a grade within the WSET boundaries (Fail unclassified, Fail, Pass, Merit, Distinction);

  • Providing an opportunity to mark an examination, affording a deep understanding of what the WSET examiners are expecting.

Courses are limited to just 12 students, facilitating teamwork. This provides the opportunity to read other candidate’s submissions, thereby, helping to explore different ways to answer the questions successfully, in-turn helping to find a preferred style of writing.

All of this will ensure you are on track for success. 

What are the entry requirements?

To be enrolled on the Diploma, or to be rejoining the Diploma; 

To have access to the current Online WSET Diploma Materials;

To have access to the current (2016) WSET Level 3 in Wine Textbook;

To have access to a computer/smartphone to allow for use of Google Drive, WhatsApp and Zoom.

How long is the course?

The course runs over six weeks.
Total learning and revision hours are 60 to 72 hours comprised of;

  • 24 hours pre-study on units D1 and D2.

  • 30 to 40 hours of extra self-study and group work during the course (six to eight per week), broken down into;

    • two for fact collecting;

    • two for writing and collaborating;

    • two for review; 

  • Around six hours of zoom classes.

What do we expect from you?

In between the weekly sessions you will need to devote six to eight hours to work in small study groups, collaborating on the homework tasks. All students must work together and each will need to put in equal effort. 

This course is for fully dedicated students, by signing up to this course you are committing to six weeks’ worth of hard work. You need to think seriously if you are able to devote the amount of time required. If not you risk wasting your own time and others’ in the group.

You must be prepared to share your work with the entire group. Recording or sharing documents outside of this private study group, however, is not allowed. 

If you have any questions or want to talk through the course with Jim and Erica please email jim@globalwineacademy.com 


£400 inclusive of VAT. 


By signing up to this course you have agreed to be part of a dynamic study group that needs to communicate with each other over the six week period, email and phone numbers (for a WhatsApp Group) will need to be exchanged. We ask that you are considerate of everyone in the group and do not share this personal information with anybody else.

By signing up to this course you agree not to copy, share or record any of the work that is being submitted by other students or ourselves. It is important that we keep the integrity of this course alive so that other students can benefit in the future. 

You must be respectful of other people’s time both during and in between the sessions.


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