Perfect your exam technique


I have developed a new, online Masterclass for WSET Diploma Students to perfect your tasting and analysis skills. I have developed this Masterclass carefully to make the most of the online environment and piloted it successfully. Online sessions take place on the same evening each week over four weeks and there is also a programme of self-study. 

We provide wine samples by courier to students in Europe within the course price. If you are studying outside Europe but would still like to take advantage of this course, you will need to find an alternative source for the styles of wines we will be tasting. Please email me directly at with your country of study so that we can explore the possibilities. NB, the course is timed to take place over several days at 7pm UK time. 

This course will

  • Perfect your examination technique for the Diploma D3 tasting examinations.

  • Calibrate your palate to the WSET standard using 12 wines over four weeks 

  • Teach you how to formulate distinction-level conclusions for quality, ageability, variety, country, and region. 

How the course is run

4 x 1.5 hour online Zoom sessions where the week’s tasting tasks will be reviewed. These are also an opportunity to fine tune your calibration in discussion with Jim. (Total time 6 hours). 

Before and after each of the four sessions there are tasting and examination technique reading and homework tasks which take approximately 3 hours each week (12 in total). 

These 12 hours of private study are essential for you to make the most out of this course. Please make sure you are ready to dedicate this time. 

Before the final online session, you will have the opportunity to do a three-wine mock exam which Jim will mark and we will then review together as a class.

You will communicate with Jim and other students on a WhatsApp group to allow not only the whole class to bond but also for questions to be asked and answered at a much greater speed. This is particularly helpful during the week when homework tasks are being done. 

Our partners Borough Wines will send you 12 x 187ml bottles of wine samples that have been preserved using Argon gas. If unopened and stored upright and somewhere cool until they are needed, they will last extremely well over the entire course. 

Length and cost

£400 inc VAT inclusive of 12 x 187ml of examination appropriate wines delivered to your door. 5 weeks of learning with 4 x 1.5 hour sessions, 2 marked homework tasks each week including one three-wine mock examination.

If your course will be paid for by a VAT-registered EU company, please email me directly with your VAT number so that we can provide the correct invoice.


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