Prepare to get the most from your Diploma course and perfect your exam technique


I have developed online courses for wine tasting and calibration to supplement your tasting guidance given by your Programme Provider.

The format is particularly suited for but not exclusively for those studying for the Diploma in Wine and uses the WSET Systematic Approach to Tasting (SAT) and builds the analysis skills needed to pass the tasting element of the qualification. The course not only focuses on the key varieties/wines but also strongly on the questions that can be asked and the examination technique you need to succeed.

I have developed and adapted this course carefully to make the most of the online environment and have taught over one hundred students in the last academic year alone. 

Online sessions take place over a number of days in the lead-up to the key examination dates alongside a significant programme of self-study. The online environment provides methodical skills development with greater time for reflection and feedback.

Depending on the style of wine studied (Still, Fortified and Sparkling) and your location there are different tasting options. 

Sparkling Wines

We do not send wines to you but we will provide a list of wines for a helper to source for you that can be used on the course. Using a helper will mean that these can be blind samples for you. 

Still and Fortified Wine

UK  - We send samples

We rebottle 100ml samples using Argon gas to maintain their condition and provide a freshness guarantee of 6 weeks from bottling. We can guarantee to deliver these samples in the UK.

If you are studying outside of the UK and still want to partake please email jim@globalwineacademy.com and we can discuss delivery options or options for self-sourcing the wines.

How the Courses are run

We send you an activity document for each course a couple of weeks before the start date. This document is a  guided self-study self-marked  homework tasks. 

It is best to complete the activities before the first Zoom session but it can also can be completed during the duration of the course. 

There are also Zoom sessions that last 2 hours each. During these sessions wines will be tasted and reviewed which will help fine-tune your calibration, thorough in-class discussions and activities will  consolidate your learning and further build your examination technique skills. 

The final session will be a three-wine mock exam which Jim will mark and send back with feedback.

You will communicate with Jim and other students on a WhatsApp group to allow not only the whole class to collaborate but also for questions to be asked and answered quickly. We have found this interaction increases the ability to work together as a group both in and out of the course.

Snapshot of the courses

Fortified Wines

3 sessions x 3 hours = 9 hours

Activity booklet time = 10 hours

9 x 100ml samples

3-Wine marked mock

UK Price - £300 inc VAT

Sparkling Wines

3 sessions x 2 hours = 6hours

Activity booklet time = 10 hours

9 x samples (sourced by the student)

3-Wine marked mock

UK Price - £225 inc VAT

Still Wines 

4 sessions x 2 hours = 8 hours

Activity booklet time = 15 hours

12 x 100ml samples

3-Wine marked mock

UK Price £400 inc VAT

Dates and Times

Dates of each course are available on our booking page. 

Tips for successful study

WineSave or Vacuvin are a brilliant tool for any Diploma student and would be incredibly useful for this course so I would encourage you to use them. These systems will allow you to taste the wines during the week and still have a fresh sample when re-tasting during the Zoom class. If you would like 15% voucher code for WineSave please let me know and I will send you one.

Read the new WSET Level 2 and Level 3 course books to reacquaint yourself with the basic styles of the wines. It might sound simple, but our experience in teaching tasting students successfully has shown us that going back to basics helps a lot more than burying yourself in the Diploma detail at the outset.

These courses are not authored by WSET.



What our students say


I've learned more about fortified wine tasting with Jim in one day than in lots of lessons!
His super useful tips will help you writing notes with a logical, fast and precise style, so you don't have to worry about the few minutes you are given to taste in the exam. Friendly, professional and really knowedgable, a great weapon to fight WSET exams battle!


Invaluable experience! I hold Jim personally responsible for my distinction in the Diploma Fortified exam! Really enjoyable day and so useful for honing in on how to maximise marks and getting one-on-one feedback. I actually can't imagine taking the exam without having done a day like this; the diploma sessions themselves seem so rushed. Will definitely attend the sessions for Unit 3.