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Following the success of our previous wines fairs in Spring and Autumn 2020, 2021 and 2022, we are back with a further 24 x 100ml samples sent to you in secure packaging and preserved with argon gas. These are blind samples so that you can test your tasting and analysis as you watch videos of my tastings and discussions of them alongside a WSET Diploma student. 

The samples I have chosen navigate across the main varieties and important regions and there will also be a focus on wines that are often confused with each other. 

The Wine fair is designed for students and enthusiasts who want to improve their blind tasting skills with some intense calibration of your palate to standard assessments. If you are looking for personal feedback on your tastings then our Wine Tasting Courses would be more appropriate. 

We are currently only delivering to the UK.

Important Dates

Mid September - wines bottled and sent out

End of October - use by date

You can take your time exploring the tastings on your own or get together in a group if you are able. We have a limited number of wine sample packs available though. 

Deliveries only to a UK address.

Calibration Tastings and Wine Fair: Text


Free online tasting sessions

Taste along with Jim and a student on IGTV our IGTV Channel in recorded sessons. Jim selected eight wines that should be available around the world. If you are in the UK, you will be able to find them all at Waitrose. 

Calibration Tastings and Wine Fair: Image
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